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how is this town real

I need to be here.

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Camping at Blue River Reservoir this weekend. Pretty fuckin rad.



Camping at Blue River Reservoir this weekend. Pretty fuckin rad.

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One of the many things that make me irritated is the amount of people that die of chemo and whatnot than the actual cancer itself.

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Tony Horton advice when it comes to fitness and eating.

he’s 55 just watch some of the stuff he does in her cut aways.

This is the best advice when it comes to fitness/health/food and even starting a fitness journey!


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2003 - 2014

I was never a gym go-er I was into football and tennis while in high school and I could run up and down a football pitch for 3 - 4 hours with no problem. 

I then started universty in 2004 and my love for sport was pushed aside to moving to a new place, making new friends and the discovery of alcohol and girls… (although I didn’t have much luck with the girls!) 

University was fun as hell but towards the end of the first year I was drinking a lot and there were weeks that I would be getting at least a little drunk every night. 

I remember being drunk every night for around 8 or 9 days and then I decided to take two days off from alcohol and holy moly did I feel fresh and alive again. 

But it was university and drinking seems to be part and parcel of it. Again towards the end of the first year there I fell into a kinda depression and was so uncomfortable within myself. I used to do silly things. That I’m still not comfortable taking about. 

In the third year of university my best friend who was a gym go-fer needed a new gym buddy and I was looking to get fit and i joined him, with all those same nerves that everybody has when they first enter a gym. 

I remember actually falling off the running machine when I put it n too fast!

My gym experience was okay and i saw some improvements to my health and my body. 

In 2012, I was sitting at home and I think I was watching Casino Royale and I thought “Man, why don’t I have a body like Daniel Craig?” 

I started to think…

“Actually, I don’t work out hard enough and I don’t really know what Im doing. But this is my one life and only I can start to try and change the way I feel and look.”

This was a different mindset to thinking “It will happen one day….”

I started to do Mike Changs Six Pack Short Cuts programme and I put on a lot of muscle and my eating habits improved. 

I then was looking for a new challenge and did INSANITY

And I got lean and fitter, but as much as i enjoyed it, I missed weight lifting and so I decided to try P90X

and this programme change my life. 

The weight lifting, the ploy, the yoga, the kenpo karate, the variety of workouts blew my mind. 

Tony Hortons out look on life mirrored my own and I finally started to see more defined results around my core and a more athletic shape to my body. 

Over the last year I had dabbled in T25 and Bodybeast as well. 

But I have recently been doing p90X3 and the change in my body as exceeded my expectation. It is a great programme. 

So in the last 2 years I have changed my life to becoming a fitter healthier human being, I got out of a relationship that was so bad for me, and I have been able to succeed in getting my dream job. 

I have inspired others into getting fit and healthy and I have found in the world of those scary gyms that there are the most positive and encouraging people that just want to help people and improve the world as a whole.

All it took was a decision to change my own thoughts.

- chris

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